Specialized Cameras

Infrared Navigation

Aerial vehicle night navigation by infrared camera over non cooperative terrain with no prior training is in development.

Outdoor Housings

Low cost outdoor housing that operated in below freezing temperatures to temperatures above 100 F with integrated infrared camera, pan, tilt, focus, shutter, accelerometer tilt and magnometer detectors all through a single USB cable.

1200C Radiometric

Temperature measurements up to 1200C. The radiometric calibration with a specialized automated scanning test setup because of the limited size of the high temperture black body.

Aircraft Dual Looking

Aircraft down and forward looking synchronized infrared camera configuration for 3D imaging and navigation applications with integrated accelerometer, magnometer and tilt sensors.

Large Focal Length

Infrared cameras configured for long range outdoor surveillance were built for various applications. These cameras had field of views on the order of a few degrees.


Pan and tilt cameras with large focal length lens and nitrogen purged case for extreme environment surveillance applications.

These are some examples of the customized cameras built by Vionics. Vionics designs and manufactures the camera hardware and software which gives us ability to customize the complete camera solution to meet your requirements. Our experienced technical staff minimizes the customization effort. Give us an opportunity to meet your specialized requirements.

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